4 Tips To Help With Winter Moving In Connecticut

During the winter in Connecticut, the weather can be unpredictable. Blizzards, rain, sleet, and sunny days can all happen within a week. This is why you want to be as prepared as possible when moving in the winter. By ensuring that everything is ready, you can avoid common mistakes and help the move go as smooth as possible.

Use the following four in-depth tips to help you move across the state and stay as prepared as possible. These tips apply whether you're leaving Connecticut or staying close by.

Cold Weather Protection

Whether items are going into a cold house or sitting on the back of a truck, you do not want the weather to harm them in anyway. This is especially true for sensitive items like glass or larger things like electronics. It's important to check packages and labels to see how much cold an item can withstand. If you do not have the original materials, then a guide can help you figure out.

  • Insulated Packing Materials: Instead of using thin materials like bubble wrap, an insulated packing material, like thicker foam, can help control the temperatures in boxes that you have packed.
  • Blankets: Wrapping items like DVD players or computer monitors will give the items a proper barrier and protection from the cold weather. For smaller electronics, items like an old sweatshirt can also provide insulation and help you pack up additional clothes at the same time.

Moving Company Services

Moving companies offer several advantages when moving in Connecticut. They can help navigate through different cities like Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport. There are also several advantages to make the move as easy as possible.

  • Household Moving Estimate: It's easy to budget the full move when you can get a complete estimate from a moving company. This will help you budget distances, the items you need to move, and any additional costs for the move.
  • Heated Trucks: With large heated trucks, the items that you are moving can stay protected from the cold weather.

Winter Moving Supplies

When moving into a new home, the same luxuries that you are used to may not be ready yet. If your heating is not ready, then you should have a number of supplies on hand to make the move easier.

  • Space Heater: A new and empty home will feel a lot colder than a home with furniture and other items. As you are moving in, a space heater can provide the additional warmth, especially as the sun sets and heat dramatically drops.
  • Winter Gear: Even if you're spending a lot of time inside to unpack, prepare with proper winter gear. Extra items like scarves and ear muffs can help keep sensitive areas warm. Foot and hand warmers make a huge difference when carrying in all of those boxes too.
  • Moving Supplies: When purchasing or renting moving supplies like dollies, look for ones with cushioned grips on them. The cold metal grips can be painful when using the tools a lot. The same can be applied to tools like hammers and screwdrivers.
  • Prepared Walkways: When hiring a moving company or doing it yourself, it's important to have essential items to keep walkways clear. Keep winter items like sand, shovels, and ice picks prepared. This will help with both the safety and the speed of the move.

Moving App Downloads

A number of apps can help with the organization and logistics of moving in Connecticut.

  • Weather Apps: Connecticut weather changes hour by hour. By downloading weather apps, you can have alerts sent to your phone or tablet with the latest weather news and radar.
  • Traffic Apps: Traffic from Boston, Hartford, and New York City can cause huge changes in Connecticut traffic. Download a traffic app to follow different Connecticut highways like I84, I95, and Route 2. These are major traffic roads in the state.
  • Inventory Apps: Properly organize all the items you need to move with a custom list app. Using the digital list, you can organize weather sensitive items to ensure that they are moved the fastest.

Taking little steps can go a long way to make a stressful move as easy as possible.