Double Pane Vs. Triple Pane Windows: Which Should You Choose?

Windows are an important part of a home, but they can also be a major source of energy loss. If you're considering replacing your old windows as a way of making you home more energy-efficient, you might wonder whether you should choose double pane glass or triple pane. This is a big decision that will affect the cost of your new windows, and here are three things to know about these window types before making your decision.

What Is The Difference Between Double and Triple Pane Windows?

When windows were first created, they were single pane windows. A single pane window has just one piece of glass in it and is considered the most inefficient type of window. While you can still purchase single pane windows, most people do not because they are a huge source of energy loss.

Instead, people will often choose double pane or triple pane windows. Both of these types of windows are energy efficient, but they are constructed in a different way. A double pane window is one that is made with two sheets of glass. In between the sheets is a gap that contains air. The purpose of the gap is to add an extra layer of insulation to your windows, and this is done to stop air from getting through the windows.

Triple pane windows are made with three sheets of glass, and there are two air pockets in them. This means that triple pane windows have two extra layers of insulation, instead of just one, which means that triple pane windows are probably the most energy-efficient type of window you can purchase.

Does It Matter If They Contain Gas?

The gaps in double and triple pane windows normally just contain air; however, there are some brands of windows that actually contain gas in these gaps. Argon and krypton are the two most common types of gases used in double and triple pain windows. Both are completely safe, and both are designed to offer even more protection against energy loss.

Choosing windows that contain gas may be slightly more efficient; however, it is not usually enough to warrant paying the additional costs for this feature.

Instead of looking for windows that contain gas, you may want to instead select windows that have a low-e coating on them. Low e-coating is something that is capable of blocking harmful UV rays from the sun from passing through. UV rays can make your house hotter and can fade your furniture and belongings. Because low-e coating blocks these rays, they are more energy efficient than windows without this coating.

Which Type Should You Purchase?

If you want the most energy-efficient windows as possible, choosing triple pane windows with low-e coating is probably your best bet, but double pane windows are also highly efficient. For many people, choosing between double and triple pane windows often comes down to the price.

Depending on the company you buy from, the brand, and the sizes of the windows you purchase, you may have to pay at least $100 more per window if you choose triple pane windows, but the difference could be a lot more than this.

Paying more for the windows may help you save money on your energy bills, but this is not the only benefit. Triple pane windows are also better at reducing noise from outside, and they may offer more protection because they are harder for burglars to break.  

As you prepare to replace the windows in your home, look around and view the options you have. If you are concerned most with obtaining the highest efficiency possible, consider choosing triple pane windows. To learn more about your options, contact a contractor that offers window replacement. You can also go to this website for more information.