Four Unique Ways To Use Mirrors To Decorate Your Modern Home

Decorating with mirrors is often seen as an outdated, antiquated style. However, it does not have to be. If you avoid gaudy, wood-framed mirrors and full-length living room mirrors with plastic designs, then mirrors can certainly add stunning style to a modern home. Here's a look at four unique ways to use mirrors to decorate your contemporary space.

On the dining room ceiling.

Do you wish your dining room felt more spacious and elegant? Place a mirror on the ceiling, and it will instantly feel more luxurious. For this purpose, it is best to use a thin, unframed mirror, so that it blends seamlessly into the rest of your ceiling. Choose a mirror that extends to about 3 feet from each of the walls in your room. For instance, if you have a rectangular room that measures 12 by 18 feet, you'll want a mirror that measures 6 by 12 feet. Depending on the size mirror you need, you may have to have one custom made.

If you purchase a mirror made specifically for use on the ceiling, it will likely already have a hole drilled so that you can mount your chandelier or light fixture through it. If your mirror does not have such a feature, you will need to find a professional glass cutter to make a hole in the mirror for you. The mirror should come with fasteners, which you will simply screw in to mount it to your ceiling. Make sure you have a friend around you help you; one of you will need to hold the mirror up while the other drills.

Inside the shower.

Having a mirror in the shower may sound strange at first, but it actually comes in quite handy when you're trying to judge whether you've scrubbed off all of your makeup or rinsed your hair clean. Plus, when you're not in the shower, the mirror adds an extra decorative element to the bathroom. Choose a small rectangular mirror, and mount it at eye height at the far end of the shower -- across from the shower head.

You can purchase fog-free mirrors for use in the shower. If you find a mirror that you really like and it's not fog-free, don't worry. You can wipe it down with a little shaving cream, and it won't fog up any more.

Down the stairway.

Stairways are famous for feeling cramped and enclosed, but some mirrors can open them right up. Look for three identical mirrors. Rectangular ones seem to look best, but ovular mirrors work alright too if you prefer a softer look. Measure the length of your stairway, and then space the mirrors out evenly along the length, so that there is the same distance between each of them, and between the end mirrors and the ends of the staircase.

When mounting mirrors on the staircase, make sure you're measuring the height from the stair directly below the mirror. If you're careful to measure this same height for each mirror you mount, they will have a cool, cascading look as you come down the stairs.

As a backsplash.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you'll love how flashy a mirrored backsplash makes the space look. Your counters will look more open, and the reflection of your food in the mirror will make it look oh-so-appetizing and professional. Some kitchen companies make mirrored backsplashes, and you should use these rather than trying to fashion your own out of standard mirrors. Standard mirrors may not stand up to rigorous cleaning, high temperatures, and heavy use in the kitchen.

If you like the look of mirrors, go ahead and use them in your modern home. The ideas above can serve as inspiration, but feel free to amend them to your own needs. After all, interior design is a very personal thing, and as long as you think something looks fantastic, that's all that matters.

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