Reasons To Swap Your Downspout For A Copper Rain Chain

If you're looking for a way to change the look of your yard, one of the best ways to do so is by getting rid of your downspouts and replacing them with copper rain chains. These copper devices that feature a series of copper cups placed vertically at regular intervals perform a similar job to a downspout — taking the water from your gutters and transporting it down to the ground where it can flow away from your foundation. You can buy these devices at home supply stores and online. Here are some reasons to substitute copper rain chains for your downspouts.

They Look Better

Arguably, the biggest advantage to going with copper rain chains is that they look immeasurably better than downspouts. Whether made out of plastic or aluminum, downspouts can be an eyesore — especially if their color doesn't match well with your house. Copper rain chains have a high degree of visual interest; some are made more intricate than others, but even the most basic copper rain chains are visually appealing because of their copper design.

They're Easier To Clean

A blockage in your downspout is a big hassle that you'll need to deal with promptly. When the water can't flow through the downspout, it can pour out of your gutters and make a mess, as well as potentially cause problems with your roofing shingles. Cleaning a downspout to remove leaves, twigs, and other materials involves either reaching up it with a long brush or removing it and then cleaning it out with the house. Either approach can be time consuming and unpleasant. With copper rain chains, the cleaning process is simple — although rarely needed. It's rare for this device to get blocked, but if some leaves happen to fill one of the cups, you can simply clear the cup with your finger.

They Produce A Relaxing Sound

Homeowners often go to considerable effort and expense to install backyard ponds so that they can enjoy the trickling sound of water when they're sitting outside. Copper rain chains cost a fraction of the price and give you a relaxing sound of water flowing after it has rained. As the rainwater overflows from each cup and tips into the cup below, you'll hear a nice sound of flowing water — similar to the sound you'd hear if you had a backyard pond installed nearby. Find some copper rain chains, such as from Monarch Abode, where you can and hire a contractor to install them in the place of your downspouts.