3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Water Softener For Your Home

Have you grown tired of cleaning lime buildup from your shower and calcium deposits from your sink faucets? Do you wish that you no longer had to deal with hard water making it difficult to keep your clothes clean? Although you may be thinking that your only option is to move to a municipality that doesn't have hard water, this is not the case. There are definitely other options available to you, depending on your exact needs. One of the best is to have a whole-house water softener installed. If you're not sure about this, here are some reasons why you should get a water softener:

It doesn't have to use salt: One of the biggest reasons why you might be avoiding getting a water softening system installed is because you or one of your family members is on a sodium-restricted diet. While an ordinary water softener doesn't add enough sodium to the water to taste it, it may still be a concern for people who need to limit their sodium intake. This is where a salt free water softener comes in. Instead of using salt to replace the hard water materials in your water, they use other methods to chemically change the calcium and magnesium into harmless forms that no longer cause issues. This can make such a system perfect for someone who needs to limit sodium intake.

It doesn't have to be whole-house: Whether you do decide to get a salt free water softener or a more traditional one, it doesn't have to supply the whole house. Instead, you can have it supply water only to your water heater. This will limit the amount of calcium and lime that build up inside of your water heater and make bathing a more pleasant experience while still allowing you to use untreated water to cook and to drink.

It's affordable: Whether you choose a salt free water softener or a more traditional one, the maintenance and upkeep are relatively inexpensive. With a salt-based system, the salt itself typically only adds a few pennies per gallon. With a salt free system, the water may flow through a filter that is more or less permanent and doesn't need anything beyond the initial installation itself. While you may initially get sticker shock when you look at water softening systems, you need to consider that these systems are designed to last for a decade or more; averaging out their price over their expected lifespan should only add a few dollars per month to your expenses.