Weed Control Is Essential When You Want a Beautiful Lawn

Weeds ruin the look of your lawn, and they can be pesky too if they have stickers or burrs on them. Weeds can spread fast and take over parts of your lawn faster than grass. Weed control is essential when you want a beautiful lawn, and if you're not sure how to battle weeds, then you can hire a weed control service to do it for you. Here are some ways to keep weeds from ruining your lawn.

Keep the Grass Healthy

When your grass is healthy and the growth is thick, weeds have a difficult time growing and spreading in your yard. If your grass is sickly and the lawn has bare spots, weeds can take advantage of the space and grow. Therefore, fertilization of the grass at the right time of year is important. Proper mowing is important too, and one thing you may want to do is mow with a bag so weed seeds are captured rather than spread around your yard. Also, mowing to the right height and watering the lawn are essential for the grass to stay healthy enough to fend off weeds.

If you have trouble keeping grass healthy, then hiring a lawn service is one option to consider so the grass will grow in lush and crowd out weeds. When it comes to weed control, half the battle is learning to grow healthy grass and the other half is dealing with weeds that manage to pop up in the lawn.

Apply Herbicides to the Lawn

It's also necessary to kill weeds, and that requires the use of herbicides. Herbicides are applied in different ways depending on the type of weeds you have and how many there are. The weed killers may be spread over your entire lawn, especially in early spring when your lawn starts growing. These herbicides can kill the weeds before they have a chance to take hold and grow. Later in the spring and summer, it will be necessary to apply herbicides in spots where weeds are growing. Killing weeds this way requires the ability to identify the type of weeds in your lawn and then choose the right herbicide. Some herbicides will kill just about anything, including grass, so they have to be chosen and applied carefully.

Different types of weeds spring up at different times of the year, so the battle against weeds is ongoing during all seasons. However, the fight is worth it because weed control transforms your yard from a scraggly lawn with ugly weeds to a lush and beautiful expanse of grass with the uniform appearance of a well-kept lawn.