Reasons Why You Might Need A Different Window Treatment Design

If you look at the current set of window treatments that you have, you may feel as if there is something off. You may simply not like how your window treatments look and you may feel that you should replace them with a different set of window treatments. There are several things to look at when determining if you should get new window treatments. 

The Treatments Don't Match Your Home

Your window treatments might not match your walls. If your home has curtains, you'll be best off with treatments that are neutral white and will highlight the colors of the curtains. However, if you aren't using curtains, you'll want to choose window treatments that fit your walls well. Also, if you have molding for your walls, you'll want to use window treatments that match the color of the molding. If your walls have a certain color, do not use the same color for your window treatments because this will look terrible.

Your window treatments should also fit in well with your flooring. You will want a color that ties the room together rather than standing out or matching too closely to the rest of your home. In some cases, you may want the window treatments to have the same color as your floor because they will make the room seem more put together. 

You Don't Have Enough Privacy

You may not like your current window treatments because they are shade-based and not privacy-based. Some window treatments will not provide you with any privacy, even when they are closed. This is because they will become somewhat transparent, depending on the time of the day and how the light lands on your shades. 

You're Not Receiving Enough Light, or Too Much

Think about the type of lighting you'd like in your home. Some window treatments might make your home somewhat dark, but not dark enough when they're closed. If you would like to completely block out the light, you'll need wood or completely black shades.

On the other hand, you might want window treatments that block out some sun, but also allow enough light in for you to read. Fortunately, you can request samples so you'll know the effect that your window treatments will have on the rest of your home at various times of the day. Regardless of what you choose, sometimes a big change like the replacement of your window treatments will make all the difference.

For more information, contact your local window treatment design service.