Tips For The Home Inspection Stage Of House Hunting

House hunting is quite a process, isn't it? From deciding what you want in a home to attending open houses, the process can feel like it drags on and on. But eventually, you will find a home you're actually interested in, and at that point, you will need to move onto a new phase: having the home inspected. Here are some tips to ensure this part of the home buying process goes smoothly.

Don't neglect the home inspection just because the home is new.

You might assume that if a home is new or has only been around for a few years, you do not need to have it inspected. This is not the case. A home inspector will be looking for different problems in a new home than in an older one, but these are problems you don't want to go unnoticed. They may notice that the builders forgot to put valves on some of the pipes or that they didn't put drip edging on the roof, for instance. Picking up on these issues via a home inspection allows you to negotiate to have them addressed before you buy.

Be present for the home inspection.

Although many home inspectors will conduct an inspection while you're not there, you should make a point of showing up in person if at all possible. It's easier to know what the inspector is talking about when you're there seeing it for yourself. For instance, if you hear "the windows don't open easily" over the phone, you may figure it's no big deal. But if you're there in person to see the inspector really struggle to open the windows, that may prompt you to ask the seller to take money off the price so you can make repairs.

Make sure the roof and plumbing are included.

Each inspector has a slightly different routine and different things they choose to focus on. You should make sure, though, that your inspector is really thorough in looking over the roof and plumbing. Problems with either of these elements can quickly ruin the home. A roof leak or plumbing leak can let everything get wet and cause tons of damage. Luckily, problems with either of these home elements are easy to fix, but you can't ask the seller to fix them unless you know about them.

Following the tips above will allow you to get more out of your home inspection. Contact a company like Shield  Home Inspection to learn more.