5 Reasons To Winterize Your Sprinklers In Fall

Winter can be hard on your sprinkler system. That's why fall winterization is so important. This simple procedure removes moisture from the lines and ensures they stay dry all winter long.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Repairs

Leaving water in the sprinkler lines can lead to major damage. As the water freezes in cold temperatures, it will expand. This will lead to cracked sprinkler lines and damaged sprinkler heads. In extreme cases, the main valves can suffer damage, which can necessitate major repairs to the system before the water can be turned back on in the spring.

2. Prevent Costly Leaks

When sprinkler lines beneath the ground crack, it may not be immediately obvious. The system may be run several times, leaking water below ground and costing you money. Depending on where the break is located, the line may leak even when the sprinklers aren't actively running. The high water bills in conjunction with the needed repairs can be quite costly. There is also a risk of home damage if a leak is near your home's foundation, as the excess moisture can lead to foundation cracks or water in your basement.

3. Save Your Lawn

Winter-damaged sprinkler systems may not operate properly, which means the lawn won't be getting enough water and you will end up with brown dead spots in the grass. Sometimes the opposite problem occurs, and the leaking lines will over-saturate the soil. This will lead to root rot that causes dead grass and landscape plants. 

4. Protect Your Warranty

Depending on the age of your sprinkler system, it may still be under warranty. Failure to keep up with annual required maintenance, like winterization, can completely void the warranty. This can affect more than just the exterior system that is at direct risk of winter damage. For example, if the control box in your garage malfunctions, the warranty may not cover it if the sprinkler lines weren't properly winterized.

5. Ensure An Easy  Startup

Spring is one of the busiest times around the home, as you are busy cleaning up for winter and getting your landscaping ready for a new year. Having to deal with sprinkler problems and repairs can be overwhelming when there is so much else to do. If you winterized in the fall, all that is needed is to close the backflow valves and turn the water supply back on. 

Contact a lawn sprinkler system repair service for more help with your winter sprinkler system needs.