Things To Pay Attention To When Touring A Kitchen Showroom

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you may want to visit a kitchen showroom first. Looking at various materials in a showroom can tell you so much more about them than looking at them individually. After your trip to the showroom, you should have a much clearer idea of what you want for your own kitchen. But of course, this begs the question: what should you be paying attention to as you tour the kitchen showroom? Here are some key suggestions.

How materials are paired together

Pay attention to what materials the showroom designers have chosen to put together. For example, do you repeatedly see subway tile with light counters? Maybe you are consistently seeing large floor tiles used with smaller tiles on the backsplash. When you see patterns in material pairings, it is often because that specific combination is in style right now. Consider the same or similar combination for your own kitchen.

How textures are used

When remodeling a kitchen, people typically pay a lot of attention to colors and color pairings. But they may not pay as much attention to textures and how different textures are used to complement one another. Pay attention to this in the showroom. When one material is smooth, what other materials are usually heavily textured? Do you like the look of a lot of smooth materials together, or would you prefer that your own kitchen have more varied textures?

The relative sizes and scales of materials

Another thing to note is how materials are sized and scaled based on the size of the space. For instance, in a small kitchen space, what size tiles have the showroom designers chosen? Do the counters have a large stone pattern or a small one? What about larger kitchen spaces? What format is used in them? Paying attention to this factor will allow you to better choose materials that are the right size and scale for your kitchen's space.

Most popular materials

You don't have to go with all of the most trendy materials in your kitchen, but it is helpful to know what's on-trend. Maybe you're seeing stone tile again and again, or perhaps every kitchen in the showroom has a specific type of counter. 

Pay attention to these features and factors as you tour the kitchen showroom, and you'll get more out of the experience. Before long, you'll be cooking in your very own custom kitchen. 

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