Five Factors To Consider When Deciding On A Sink For Your Kitchen

There are many different styles and sizes of kitchen sinks available, from huge, single basins to small, 3-bay arrangements. To make matters even more confusing, some large kitchens even have enough room for more than one sink. Before you finalize your plans with your designer and make your installation appointment with the plumber, make sure you've taken these five factors into consideration to determine the sink design that's right for you. [Read More]

How To Make Water Safe For Drinking During An Emergency

Humans need water to survive. Experts suggest that a moderately active adult requires three-quarters of a gallon of water each day, either from drinking water or other beverages. When emergencies render water supplies undrinkable, this need for water puts people at risk for a number of diseases, including cholera and intestinal worms. Fortunately, there is a process by which you can make unclean water safe to drink. If you find yourself without any potable water reserves, this procedure will help you thrive until the emergency is resolved. [Read More]

Selling Your Home? Get Big Offers With The Help Of These Affordable Improvements

If you are like most homeowners who are about to put their home on the market, you want to get the biggest offers possible without having to invest in any major restoration or remodeling projects. Here are a few easy ways to get those big offers without breaking the bank: Create a New Room in the Basement A great way to get bigger offers for your home is to increase its square footage by converting your basement into an extra living space. [Read More]