Time To Buy A New Heating System? Consider These Technologies That Promote Efficiency

If it's time to replace your furnace, you're probably hoping to find one that's as efficient as possible. In addition to simply choosing a furnace with a high-efficiency rating (many of today's furnaces are up to 97 percent efficient), make sure you look for a heating system with the latest energy-saving technologies. These three technologies, in particular, make for a heating system that will keep your home warm without guzzling a lot of extra fuel. [Read More]

Incorporating Standing Desks Into Your Small Office Space

An ergonomic desk is essential to making sure workers are comfortable during the business day. However, sitting all day, even if you have a perfectly designed desk, can also lead to health problems. Some workers may prefer using a standing desk to complete their daily tasks. If you run a small business and have employees who could benefit from a standing desk, you have several options for providing an alternative to the traditional work station. [Read More]

Four Unique Ways To Use Mirrors To Decorate Your Modern Home

Decorating with mirrors is often seen as an outdated, antiquated style. However, it does not have to be. If you avoid gaudy, wood-framed mirrors and full-length living room mirrors with plastic designs, then mirrors can certainly add stunning style to a modern home. Here's a look at four unique ways to use mirrors to decorate your contemporary space. On the dining room ceiling. Do you wish your dining room felt more spacious and elegant? [Read More]

5 Simple Weed Control Tips

When it comes to gardening and taking care of your lawn, there are a number of go-to tips, such as making sure that your plants are adequately watered or placing your garden in an area of your lawn that receives maximum sunlight. One of the things that tend to overwhelm people when it comes to gardening maintenance, however, is weed control. In order to keep your weeds in control, you should follow a few helpful tips. [Read More]